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Design Services

AJSB service are proven especially effective in any building program including innovation content in the form of advanced design , materials , system or installation methods, and in programmers incorporating QMS from SIRIM. We provide comprehensive design-assist and design-build services.

The foundation of a successful facade or curtain-wall  project is innovative system design and engineering .Our Design & Engineering group develops custom solution to each new project , derived from a robust framework of AJSB technology and know-how. Design consideration range from the aesthetic and performance requirements determined in collaboration with the facade consultant/architect, to the fabrication and installation requirements that must be anticipated by system design to assure a successful project completion together with the main contractor.

With an extensive in-house design group and long history of experience in the design and development of custom curtain-wall and advanced facade system, AJSB provides unparalleled design service to the Aluminium Design & Build industry. From concept development to product realization for facades, fro, virtual construction to multiple facade simulations, the AJSB design team has the experience and expertise to deliver comprehensive engineered solutions to the most challenging facade program requirement.

In addition to 3D modelling form advance Autodesk  Autocad Inventor Software and Aluminium Design & Build principal, the AJSB team can provide analyses ranging from finite- element analysis (FEA) to computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Our advanced visualization and simulation capabilities have also proven valuable to both the design and build teams of our diverse clients groups.

With growing pressure for superrior performance at competitive cost , building design, and specialize in providing comprehensive design- assist and design- build services. We recognized the importance of emerging design tools and practices early on , and embraced Building Information Modeling (BIM) and QMS from SIRIM for the facade so that we could integrate them in our services offerings as appropriate. In addition , we maintain one of the most ambitious research and development programs in the industry as a means of keeping our service offerings at the cutting-edge of advanced facade design practice.

Build Service

Our design and build services are separated here for convenience intervention, but in reality they envelope our seamless design/build delivery process. Managing the project delivery process is the core strength of AJSB , something at which we excel beyond all our competition. This capability provides us consistent control over the vital requirements of schedule, quality and cost, and allows us to consistently deliver top quality economically and most importantly on time, on schedule. This capability is the basis for our many-term relationships with developers, main contractors and facade consultant/architects.

Each new project undertaken by AJSB is treated as unique, with a custom delivery strategy developed in direct response ti the singular set considerations presented by the project. This custom strategy, however, is developed through a uniform process unique to AJSB that embraces the spectrum of activities from pre-construction through design, engineering, procurement , fabrication, assembly and finally installation. This process , developed and refined through the successful completion of hundreds of remarkably diverse facade and curtain-wall installations, serves to mitigate the inherent risk of a challenging building project by enhancing the predictability of performance, schedule and cost. 


Curtain-wall fabrication and assembly is a critically important part of the project development process. AJSB maintains dedicated manufacturing operations in key geographic location capable of providing fabrication services for the most complex designs and the most challenging project schedules. Our facilities incorporate state-of-the-art equipment and processes for curtain-wall unit fabrication and assembly. In addition, to provide adequate capacity for the fluctuating demands typical of the building marketplace, we have developed a network of outside fabrication sources. These partner fabricators and material suppliers have been rigorously trained and qualified in relevant aspects of AJSB curtain-wall system, and all have successfully provided services on prior AJSB projects.

Project Managament

Project management is an empowered function at AJSB, and key to our success. Personnel skilled and experienced in project management are vital to the success of any construction project. Our project management teams lead design development. production engineering, fabrication, assembly and field operations, bridging these various activities to form an organized , unified consortium of project development throughout the design and build process. ASJB project management personnel receive extensive training and years of on-the-job experience before being appointed to the position and entrusted with the responsibility of running their own projects.

Our people understand the critical importance of a building project being delivered on-time and on-budget, a fact that our past clients can best attest to. We happily provide you with such references.

Quality Assurance

Design or material supply problems surfacing in manufacturing are a frustrating and costly annoyance, while design or manufacturing problems surfacing on the building site are a disaster . There is for too much at stake in  the building process to settle for anything less than top quality and the programs that consistently deliver it. Effective quality. At ASJB we have developed and refined our quality assurance and quality control programs over the span of many years and hundreds of diverse project experiences, another way that our deep experience works for you. The QMS or Quality Management System programs are robust and all embracing , ranging from management system procedures to the minutia of in -line quality verification processes. In Addition, we develop a specific quality plan for each new project based on an analysis that identifies and accounts for any unique aspect of the project whether it is material type, location, site condition, performance requirement or design detail.

We would be happy to provide you with a more detailed summary of our quality assurance program form the comprehensive QMS certified from SIRIM.

Site Operation

AJSB has been awarded many project over its competitors because of a reputation for performance on the building site.

Everyone involved in the construction process knows the critical importance of the building site, the playing field for the contracting teams. This is where the myriad complexities of a construction project converge and coalesce into architecture. The building site must be particular focus for systems such as the building skin, where a large part of the process takes places off site; design, engineering, fabrication and assembly all precede the delivery of material to the site and the commencement of field installation. Yet the site is where all must come together. These preceding activities must be accomplished with a keen eye to the site, anticipating unique site-specific requirements and developing effective installation strategy to assure optimum performance. Poor performance by a single contractor can disrupt an entire building site.

Field operations are a core strength of AJSB, and the attribute for which we are most widely recognized by the building community.

Our performance on the building site mitigates risk for both the design and build teams. This core strength has proven an effective tool in helping architects realize their design intent while staying within a determined budget, while assisting general contractors in controlling the building site and maintaining project schedules, and in providing owners a top quality building coupled with the economics of efficient delivery.

Field Operation Team

The AJSB field operation teams manage our site operations activities from infancy. They begin their project involvement in collaboration with the preliminary design and estimating team, assisting in analyzing the site, determining installation strategy and preparing for the project bid. On new contracts they continue this involvement by coordinating installation requirements through the pre-installation activity: design, engineering fabrication and ultimately, delivery.

Our project managers and field supervisors undertake comprehensive installation planning and the development of a unique strategy carefully tuned to the specific requirements of each project and building site. They are in constant motion visiting active sites on a regular basis, monitoring progress and looking for opportunities to expedite work.

Preplanning and Installation Strategy

Our people understand the building site. ASJB has secured many of its projects on the basis of a clear and convincing installation strategy. Constrained urban sites with ambitious building programs present perhaps the biggest single challenge in the entire building process. Virtually every aspect of the facade design must be considered with respect to the building site, with many design decisions ultimately constrained by the realities to be encountered there.

The success of AJSB as a provider of curtain wall system for the most ambitious building projects in history results in large measure from the ability of AJSB to design, engineer, fabricate, assemble and deliver a product in support of superior installation strategy, a product that goes together faster and cheaper on the building site. The is not delivery sequencing, material handling, crew rotations, equipment  usage, and the delicate planning and scheduling of activities for the remarkable complexity of a demanding building site. 

Site Safety

  • The safety of our people is of paramount importance, and we endeavor to be most rigorous in our safely planning. AJSB has embraced a zero incident free philosophy as represented by the Construction Industry Institute. We have a comprehensive site safety plan that instigates and manages a project specific safety program for all of our employees and subcontractors. The program consists of training, weekly toolbox meetings and careful site evaluation prior to the commencement of work activities.Our safety program includes the following practices:

  • Preparation of a site-specific safety plan for each project.

  • Inclusion of safety training as a standard initiated by Main Contractor.

  • Top management participation in investigation of record injuries.

  • Provision for anonymous disclosure of unsafe conditions or behavior.

  • Assurance that every worker receives safety induction training.

  • Safety Site Officer to serve site workers. ​